FedEx International MailService®

Enter Shipment Information

Find both air waybill and package level information as your shipments reach their destination.

Enter up to 5 FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS) air waybill
numbers or 5 postal ID numbers (one per line). Combinations of
Air Waybill Numbers and Postal IDs are not permitted.

Postal ID Number

Documentation number for shipment provided by local postal services


Please Note

FedEx International Mail Service provides an additional level of visibility to your economical international shipping, however this is not a tracking process. As FedEx hands your package off to a local postal authority, there can be a lag time of 2—5 days where your package is not visible. Not every country scans their packages or performs a full set of scans. FedEx is not responsible for packages once they have been handed off to the local postal authority.